Real women build each other up

So, I’m not a “feminist” or any real variation of that label. However, I do want to make posts once in a while that touch on some of the issues that women face.
EVERY DAY I see posts on Twitter and Facebook where some woman/girl is calling a fellow woman a “whore”, “slut”, “skank” or “hoe” among various other sexually based insults. 9 times out of 10, these insults are used generically as a quick response in a conflict and have nothing to do with sex or that woman’s personality which is honestly more disturbing than calling someone a name like that because of their sex life. Sex is natural. Why do people harass others for doing something so natural? Plus, hey, sex feels good. You wouldn’t insult another woman for eating food they like, or getting their nails done, right? Those things make you feel good. So does sex! Crazy right?
First off, why do women even use these words in the first place to insult each other? We use these insults way too much. We wouldn’t let a man call us that, and we wouldn’t call a man that, so why use it on each other? Makes NO sense.
Bullying is too common and people never know the extent of the damage they cause with words. The next time you’re about to call someone a “whore” or “slut” how about you think of how you’d feel if that person hurt or killed them self? Honestly, how would you feel? Don’t pull that tough-girl act and pretend you’d be perfectly fine with it because, if that’s honestly how you feel, you need psychiatric help.
Women are under enough stress in today’s society as it is without adding the additional stress of the scrutiny and criticism of fellow women. We are under pressure to be way too skinny, flawless skin, huge breasts, lots of friends, and other impossible superficial standards placed upon us by the media. Don’t get me wrong, men have their fair share of impossible standards they’re supposed to live up to as well but, in all reality women really do have it worse.

So ladies, let’s try and build each other up a bit more instead of tearing each other down. ❤


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