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Anarchy in the U.S.A? Yeah, right.

We’ve all seen them. The stereotypical ‘rebels’ yelling about ‘fighting the system’ and how much they hate the government. Self-proclaimed ‘Anarchists’. What that group of people fails to realize is how ridiculous they really are. I mean, yay, no pesky government breathing down my neck! How can that not be bliss? Anarchy cannot exist in today’s society. It’s not possible. Let’s go over the reasons why it can’t.
Let’s say Anarchists had their way and the government was overthrown. Now, it’s chaos and the murderers, rapists, violent gang members and pedophiles are released into the general public, the military disbands, food, weapon and medicine production ceases (Yeah, never thought about that, did you?) and it’s every man for himself, so-to-speak. If you aren’t a doctor or have medical training, you will get sick. If you can’t disassemble and properly clean a rifle and make your own ammunition, you’ve got no defense. If you don’t have the means to make your own food, you will starve.
Being realistic, small (or large) communities of equally qualified individuals would form. For example, the now ex-military would stick together. Now, when your average American man and wife need protection from the violent, gang members who just decided to murder their neighbors and take their house, who do you think they would contact? Exactly, the people with the assault rifles and military training. Now that there’s a group that’s looked up to this much and needed, it’s not real anarchy anymore because they are the government. Then, this gives the opportunity for a dictator to rise up and take power. Then, someone decides “Hey, I’m not okay with this” and the people revolt, and a Republic is put in place and it’s back to the way it was pre-Anarchy.

Society functions semi-orderly because of morality, laws and services. If these things are removed, we wouldn’t know how to go about living. We would inevitably have a government. Chaos isn’t a good thing. Stop complaining and take action if you don’t like how things are going.