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As a metalhead…

As a metalhead, I find it not only obnoxious but, immature that all too often I see fellow metalheads using the word “poser” and verbally attacking other metalheads over their taste in music. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of internally judging someone based on their music taste and style of clothing, internally deeming it ‘not brutal enough’. However, I think we, as metalheads, are too quick to bash someone because we think their eclectic taste in music or clothing doesn’t fit the stereotypical metal look. Why can’t we just be happy that metal is becoming more accepted by the general public? When I was growing up, I got bullied SO BAD for going to school dressed in a Cannibal Corpse shirt and black pants with way too much black eyeliner. Nobody liked the goths, metalheads and punks then. Now, even the label “nerd” is a generally accepted compliment! All this “you’re not metal enough” nonsense needs to stop. Calm down, get in the pit and scream. Stop bashing everyone. Celebrate diversity. Be happy that you’re not as much of an outcast as you once were.